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midrange Instruction Set Summary in Table lists the instructions The instruction set is highly orthogonal and is grouped into three basic categories. Instruction Set in PIC16Cxx MC Family. •. Complete set: 35 instructions. •. MC Architecture: RISC microcontroller. •. Instruction Types: 1. Data Processing. Direct Addressing. Uses 7 bits of 14 bit instruction to identify a register file address. 8th and 9th bit comes from RP0 and RP1 bits of STATUS register.

2. F Instruction Set. Bit Word. Byte-Oriented Instruction. F: File Register (or RAM). D: Destination. ⌧D=0: Destination W. ⌧D=1: Destination File Register. Microchip's base-line 8-bit microcontroller family uses a bit wide instruction set. All instructions execute in a single instruction cycle unless otherwise noted. Lesson Instruction Set PIC instructions in 16F • 35 Instructions. • bit length. • Saved in program memory with 8 k addresses . ceDoc/

General Format for Instruction. A Appendix B □ Summary of the PIC18 Instruction Set opcode d a f. 0. 7. 8. 9. 15 d = 0 for result destination to be WREG. PIC microcontrollers: low-cost computers-in-a-chip; they allow electronics practical examples, complete assembler instruction set, appendix on MPLAB. Section The PIC16F Instruction Set Section Summary of Instructions and Concepts . Chapter 5 The PIC Instruction. PIC16F84A INSTRUCTION SET. Mnemonic,. Operands. Description. Cycles. Bit Opcode. Status. Affected. Notes. MSb. LSb. BYTE-ORIENTED FILE. 2 Oct Set: ALL instructions can operate on . DeviceDoc/ Introduction to PIC18 Instruction Set.


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